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Woolworths Holdings Limited (WHL) is a leading southern hemisphere retail group, with a strong presence in South Africa and in another 11 countries in sub‑Saharan Africa. Our vision, to be one of the world's most responsible retailers, reflects our passionate commitment to doing good business, for our customers, our people and our planet. Our values – customer obsessed, inspirational, responsible, collaborative and committed to quality – inform and underpin the way we do business. From values-based leadership to passionate brand advocacy, we seek to embed our values across all dimensions of our business.

Woolworths operates 155 full line stores,194 food stand alone stores and 81 franchise stores in South Africa, with 68 stores throughout the rest of Africa.

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Woolworths' private label canned and pouched skipjack tuna are caught using a traditional pole-and-line fishing method and are available as solid, chunk or shredded tuna in either brine or vegetable oil. Our pouched tuna also come in delicious flavours such as 'Mexican salsa', 'black pepper and lime', and 'tomatoes and herb'! Our tuna is sourced from some of the world’s leading and most respected fishing companies.

Skipjack tuna are widespread throughout the tropical waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The species is fast growing and are at healthy levels in all ocean regions.

The skipjack tuna used in our private label tuna is sourced from fishermen in the Maldives that operate within the boundaries of what the ocean can sustainably produce. The pole-and-line fishing method used by the Maldivian tuna fishermen is a centuries-old method that involves one fisher using one pole, line and hook to catch one fish at a time – something that requires great strength and dexterity by the fisher. It is one of the most selective ways to catch tuna, significantly reducing bycatch and harm to other marine life. Pole-and-line fisheries are also socially responsible as they help ensure the economic viability and resilience of local coastal communities.

Our albacore tuna is also sourced from sustainable stocks and caught one-by-one, either pole-and-line caught or troll caught. Our yellowfin tuna is currently sourced from South Africa or the Maldives and can be rod-and-reel, handline or longline caught. The South African yellowfin tuna longline fishery is participating in a fisheries improvement project.

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Did you know that.... South Africans affectionately refer to Woolworth's as "Woolies"? 

Our Good Business Journey

The Good Business Journey is our plan to make a difference for our people, in our communities, and for the environment. The programme consists of eight focus areas: people and transformation, social development, health and wellness, ethical sourcing, sustainable farming, waste, water, as well as energy and climate change.

Fishing for the Future Woolworths only sells responsibly sourced fish

Woolworths' vision is to be one of the world’s most responsible retailers and to achieve this, sustainability is a key driving force across our business. It not only influences every aspect of what we do, it also shapes our culture and defines who we are as an organisation. Woolworths implemented a dedicated seafood sustainability programme, “Fishing for the Future’ in 2008 to ensure that all our seafood is responsibly sourced for better food choices, thriving communities and sustainable oceans. 

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Woolworths TASTE is a multi-award-winning food magazine and a flagship brand for the retailer. Find all your favourite, healthy and delicious food recipes and inspiration there!

"Woolworths' vision is to be one of the world’s most responsible retailers and to achieve this, sustainability is a key driving force across our business. It not only influences every aspect of what we do, it also shapes our culture and defines who we are as an organisation."



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Our Fisheries

Maldives pole-and-line skipjack tuna

Indian Ocean
The Maldives pole-and-line skipjack fishery has been operating for centuries and has been the lifeline of the Maldivian economy since before the boom of the tourism industry in the mid 1970s. The fishery not only provides a large proportion of the country’s income from the tuna trade and export, but also provides one of the only sources of protein for the Maldivian population, also contributing to a stable livelihood. The Maldivian pole-and-line fishery is located in the Arabian Sea within the Indian Ocean.
Skipjack Tuna
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AAFA North Pacific pole-and-line and troll albacore

Pacific Ocean
The American Albacore Fishery Association operates off the Western coast of the United States and has two subset fisheries: North and South. In the North, pole-and-line and trolling fisheries are the two methods of one-by-one fishing used to catch albacore tuna.
United States
Albacore Tuna
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AAFA South Pacific troll albacore

Pacific Ocean
The American Albacore Fishery Association has two subset fisheries: North and South Pacific, off the Western coast of the United States. The Southern fishery uses the troll method to hunt for albacore tuna, across the fishery.
United States
Albacore Tuna
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New Zealand troll albacore tuna

Pacific Ocean
The New Zealand troll fishery fishes for albacore tuna from the Southern Pacific albacore population. Hunting off of the Northern coasts of New Zealand, the troll fishing vessels begin their trips in the summer months between December and May.
New Zealand
Albacore Tuna
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Company Policies and Reports


Woolworths only sells responsibly sourced fish. In 2008 we implemented a dedicated seafood sustainability programme, Fishing for the Future, to ensure that we source seafood that has the most positive environmental, social and economic impacts possible and that strives to minimize adverse impacts. A key objective of the programme is to ensure that our seafood suppliers go beyond compliance and integrate strict standards and best management practices into everything that they do, including ensuring that the highest standards of international human rights are respected. In addition hereto, we work with a number of credible NGOs to continuously improve the sustainability aspects of our seafood supply chains.

In 2012, Woolworths committed that by 2015, all wild-caught seafood would be either WWF-SASSI Green-listed, caught from MSC (or equivalent) certified fisheries, or sourced from fisheries that are undertaking credible, time-bound improvement projects. By the end of 2020, we met those commitments 97.88%.

In 2015, Woolworths committed that by 2020 all aquaculture species sold by Woolworths will be either WWF-SASSI Green-listed, ASC (or equivalent) certified, or from aquaculture operations that are engaged in a credible, time-bound improvement project. By the end of 2020, we met those commitments 99.82% when including all GSSI accredited aquaculture certification schemes. 

Rahim Hoosen of Woolworths was appointed IPNLF Chair of the Board of Trustees on 1 December 2020.

Fisheries Improvement Toolbox (FIT) Engagement


Thanks in part to the commitment and dedication of the various actors that make up the sustainable seafood movement, including the initiatives undertaken by the IPNLF, there has been a significant improvement in seafood sustainability over the past 15 years. However, after undertaking an extensive review of global seafood sustainability issues during the past year, it is clear that critical risks remain and that new challenges, including climate change and ocean plastic pollution are emerging.

Woolworths’ vision for improving seafood sustainability over the next ten years is linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Going forward, we intend to cover a broader set of environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability. We also intend to move from a producer-centric to a whole value chain perspective that includes responsible consumption and a specific focus on inspiring our customers to take joint action with us. Our participation in the IPNLF Sourcing Transparency Platform is part of our commitment to become significantly more transparent.

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