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The Java® Team is deeply committed to developing sustainable fishing communities and ensuring that the Ahi tuna (yellowfin) we source is caught sustainably, consistently maintaining healthy ocean and aquatic ecosystems.

Familiarity with local customs, language, and surrounding areas, Michael and Deasy started a family business and, over the years, built a reputation as a trusted importer of high-quality seafood distributors in the USA, especially sashimi-grade yellow-fin tuna and other tropical fish. They continued to become immensely familiar with Indonesian fisheries, processors and agencies. They established boots on the ground.

Still family-owned, the business has proudly served only premium quality fish and food solutions from Asia to high-end seafood restaurants, sushi bars, food services, and supermarkets throughout the United States since 1998. We are pleased to provide you with high-quality, wild-caught, sustainably sourced Ahi tuna to enjoy in the comfort of your home.



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Sustainably caught sashimi ahi tuna is perfectly seared, sliced, and seasoned with simple ingredients crafted by the family’s chef.

Our Sushi-bar sashimi-grade fish can now easily be enjoyed right in your home. It’s high in Protein and Omega-3. Our perfectly seared and sliced Ahi Tuna made with simple spices is delicious and ready to be enjoyed as there is no need for cooking! Simply thaw and get ready to eat; you’ll be hooked!

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Sushi-bar sashimi grade fish can now easily be enjoyed right in your home: the sustainably caught sashimi ahi tuna is perfectly seared, sliced, and seasoned with simple ingredients crafted by family’s chef.

A Family Business

Seafood Imports and its Java Brand was founded by Michael Berkowitz in the year 1998 after he left his Architect and quantity Surveying career. Michael’s next journey began in the exotic islands of Indonesia, and met his wife Deasy who’s a native of the country. She left her long-term career in Wall Street Investment Banking, New York City, to join Mike in amazing travels throughout the archipelago in search of the best quality seafood available.

Absolute freshness is simple.

We partner with suppliers who are able to provide a streamlined and seamless process from the moment a fish is caught all the way through delivery. Our wild-caught JAVA® and JAVA® Kosher brands of premium grade tuna is caught using traditional pole-hand line and manageable long line fishing methods.

The same supplier then gently—and minimally—handles the fish, processes and ships it under our strict quality control, traceable and sustainable procedures, in addition to USFDA, HACCP food safety guidelines.

We’re a purpose-driven team that aims to bring you excellent seafood you can trust. Working with IPNLF and AP2HI, and together with our sourcing commitments, we can trace our fish and we can ensure that it's caught responsibly and sustainably, benefiting the people in Indonesia. It’s our honour to offer you that high-quality, wild-caught, sustainably sourced Ahi tuna to enjoy right in your own home.

Deasy Andriani - CFO & Director of Operation

Our Fisheries

South East Sulawesi handline yellowfin tuna

Pacific Ocean
The South-East Sulawesi fishery operates in the same area as the Wakatobi National Park, which is home to the largest coral reef system in Indonesia. This coral reef makes South-East Sulawesi a hotspot for tuna!
Yellowfin Tuna
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Company Policies and Reports

JAVA® Team, is deeply committed to developing sustainable fishing communities, both in sustainability and social responsibility. We ensure that our products are caught in a sustainable manner that is consistent with the maintenance of healthy ocean and aquatic ecosystems. We are continuing in our best efforts to be closer to the goal of 100% of our tuna fish imports being responsibly sourced.

Fisheries Improvement Toolbox (FIT) Engagement

We know that fishers and fishing in Indonesia is the fabric of the culture and food. Being an Island nation, the oceans are of most importance to many in those remote communities. We, as a company, want to insure that these villages and people are preserving their heritage and livelyhood for future generations. IPNLF policies and procedures assist in this process by working with local communities and government agencies to ensure this can be done.