Hawaiian Inspired Poke Bowl

Last updated: 2023/12/19

Java Fishery

Originating in Hawaïi, Poké - cubed fish is enjoyed in restaurants nationwide. With this simple poke kit, you can now make your delicious Poké Bowls at home by adding toppings of your choice. 

JAVA's journey began in the exotic islands of Indonesia; local fishermen use traditional pole-and-line to catch yellowfin from the Java Sea and the Western Pacific Ocean. Since 1998, our family-owned business has proudly served only premium quality fish from Southeast Asia to high-end restaurants and food services across the USA.

It is our honour to offer you the same quality, wild-caught tuna to enjoy right in your own home. 

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Yellowfin Tuna
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Poke Bowl

At A Glance

Responsibly Sourced

Our ahi-tuna is wild, responsibly caught with pole-and-line off the surrounding Indonesian islands. 

Serving Suggestion

Fish & Edamame

Thawing slowly: Cut open the vacuum packages, thaw in the refrigerator at 35F for approximately 4-5 hours, or,

Thawing quickly: Place the sealed packages (do not cut open) in a pot of cold tap water for 10-12 minutes

Rice; Remove the package and place rice in a microwave-safe bowl/dish, microwave on high for 1-2 minutes until warm.

Plating ; Mix the Ahi tuna with the classic Hawaïian poke sauce, place the seasoned ahi on top of the rice, then top with the edamame and dry seasoning. Enjoy!    


What's Inside?

You'll find all you need in one kit: Ahi tuna (cube cut), rice, edamame beans, seaweed with dry seasoning, and classic spicy sauce. 

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South East Sulawesi handline yellowfin tuna

Pacific Ocean
The South-East Sulawesi fishery operates in the same area as the Wakatobi National Park, which is home to the largest coral reef system in Indonesia. This coral reef makes South-East Sulawesi a hotspot for tuna!
Yellowfin Tuna
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Java Fishery

The Java® Team is deeply committed to developing sustainable fishing communities and ensuring that the Ahi tuna (yellowfin) we source is caught sustainably, consistently maintaining healthy ocean and aquatic ecosystems.

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Years of IPNLF Membership
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Techniques vary but typically an individual fisher will deploy a single line and hook from a stationary vessel. When a tuna bites, the fisher hauls it in by hand. Once landed on the vessel it is put on ice to maintain freshness. 
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Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna are located around the world in warm tropical and subtropical waters, close to the surface of the ocean. The meat from the fish is pale pink in colour and mild tasting due to the lower fat stores in their body as a result of their location in warmer seas.
Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Thunnus albacares
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