Light Meat Tuna Chunks in Brine 170 g


Woolworth's light meat tuna chunks in brine is caught by hook and line one at a time while supporting fishing communities, protecting our oceans and future stocks of tuna.

This can contains pole-and-line caught tuna that has been preserved in brine for a treat packed full of flavour that deserves the front spot in your pantry.

This product comes from a fishery that has been independently certified as responsible.

Serving suggestions:

Decant from the can and drain. Ideal to use as a filling for sandwiches or in salads with crunchy fresh salad ingredients. Use in stir-fries or tomato based pasta sauces. 

Skipjack Tuna
South Africa
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At A Glance

Caught one-by-one by hook and line Skipjack tuna

The skipjack tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis, used in our private label tuna is sourced from fishermen in the Maldives who use a centuries-old method that involves one fisher using one pole, line and hook to catch one fish at a time – something that requires great strength and dexterity by the fisher. It is one of the most selective ways to catch tuna, significantly reducing bycatch and harm to other marine life. Pole-and-line fisheries are also socially responsible as they help ensure the economic viability and resilience of local coastal communities.

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Fishing for the Future

Fishing for the Future ensures that all our seafood is responsibly sourced and fully traceable to the fishing boats that supply us. By supporting sustainable fisheries we can make a difference together.

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Maldives pole-and-line skipjack tuna

Indian Ocean
The Maldives pole-and-line skipjack fishery has been operating for centuries and has been the lifeline of the Maldivian economy since before the boom of the tourism industry in the mid 1970s. The fishery not only provides a large proportion of the country’s income from the tuna trade and export, but also provides one of the only sources of protein for the Maldivian population, also contributing to a stable livelihood. The Maldivian pole-and-line fishery is located in the Arabian Sea within the Indian Ocean.
Skipjack Tuna
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"Woolies" is a leading retailer with their own values and passions for quality and sustainability being reflected in their long list of community engagement projects and sustainable products, including their pole-and-line caught private label tuna.
South Africa
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This fishing method provides the most selective targeting of tuna possible, with minimal bycatch of non-target fish and marine wildlife like dolphins, turtles and sharks. Pole-and-line fishing targets schools of tuna near the ocean surface, and therefore only needs to use short lengths of line on each pole, typically  5-10m.
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Skipjack Tuna

Skipjack are generally smaller in size compared to other tuna species and also have shorter lifecycles, meaning they can start reproducing very early, after only one year. This has benefits for sustainability, and makes it one of the most abundant tuna species.
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Katsuwonus pelamis
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