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At Sea Tales we love seafood so much that we want everyone to enjoy it now and in the future! That’s why we make sure that we only work with small fishing communities around the world who fish with respect to nature. This way we support the unique and traditional small-scale fishing companies, so they can take good care of the oceans. And you can enjoy our delicious seafood!

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OUR VISION Happy Fishermen Healthy Oceans

We source our fish from well-managed fisheries. These fishermen and women catch their fish from healthy stocks with minimal impact on ecosystems.

Partner with Our Fishers

Sea Tales puts responsible fishing communities up-front. We guarantee them a market, a fair price and a long-term cooperation. By doing so, we can continue to enjoy all the beautiful and delicious seafood that the ocean offers.


We love to share our passion for seafood and inspire people to cook amazing dishes. We select the best quality seafood that is produced to the highest standards, 100% natural, and delicious

At Sea Tales we love seafood. It is my mission to show North America that there is truly sustainable, delicious, and traceable tuna available, caught with pole and line, one by one.

Luuk de Haan

Our Fisheries

North Atlantic pole-and-line and troll albacore tuna

Atlantic Ocean
This fishery was established by the Spanish and French in the Bay of Biscay at the end of WWII. The original fishery operates in the summer months as this suits the migration patterns of the albacore tuna in the Atlantic. In 1970, the fishery expanded to operate off Morocco to cover the autumn months when the albacore tuna seek warmer waters.
Albacore Tuna
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Sengkanung Bitung Pole-and-Line Fair Trade

Pacific Ocean
The Sengkanung Bitung fishery is the first pole-and-line tuna fishery in Indonesia to receive the Fair Trade Fishers certification. This means that the fishery operates good and fair working conditions for both fishers and factory workers.
Skipjack Tuna
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Company Policies and Reports

Sea Tales wants to contribute to sustainable small-scale fisheries and fish farms worldwide, to ensure the oceans remain a healthy source of food and income for all the people who depend on fishing as their livelihood: the fishers, fishing communities, and their families.

Our motto therefore is: Happy Fishers & Healthy Oceans = Sustainable Seafood.


At Sea Tales we ensure that our tuna products are 100% pole-and-line caught. This is because gear matters and pole-and-line caught fish means reducing bycatch, overfishing and plastic pollution. 

"Besides the positive marine biological impact it also contributes to employment and better economies in developing countries, like the Maldives and Indonesia. It takes a lot of people-power to catch tuna by pole-and-line, which means more jobs for fishers! Look for pole-and-line or handline caught on the label when choosing your tuna and take comfort in knowing that it was fished from a sustainable source and that you are supporting small fishing communities."


At Sea Tales we work with a number of small scale fisheries across the world to ensure clear traceability from catch to kitchen. We pride ourselves on putting fishers at the helm of their operations, ensuring the use of sustainable ways to catch seafood we contribute to healthy oceans for our future and ensure that small fishing communities can work and exist.

"Because when you know what you eat, your fish will taste even better."