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Scout makes deliciously crafted seafood, hand cut, packed, and canned for convenient enjoyment. Acclaimed brand Co-Founder and Chef Charlotte Langley brings big flavour to every Scout recipe using carefully selected cuts, oils, herbs, and spices. The simple act of peeling open a can of Scout is a gateway to the fresh flavours and aromas of North America’s coasts and waterways.

Charlotte, a Prince Edward Island native, created Scout in 2014 after discovering an antique home canning machine in the back of a machinist’s workshop. She felt inspired to revive the tradition of preserving seafood and spent six years working and perfecting recipes as a passion project while searching for purveyors committed to responsible seafood sourcing. In 2019, she joined forces with co-founders Adam Bent and Nate Dunn to bring these restaurant quality goods to market.  

The company is committed to protecting the earth’s oceans and waterways while purveying the highest quality possible by working closely with small fisheries and sustainable farms.

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Scout’s Wild Albacore Tuna is wild-caught between Oregon and Alaska in the Pacific Northwest and hand-cut and packed proudly on Vancouver Island. Our Wild Albacore Tuna is naturally low in mercury, high in quality protein with 41 grams per can, and rich in Omega-3s. Our Tuna is hand cut and hand packed with a pinch of natural sea salt. A must-have in your pantry.

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There once was a time when canneries were a staple in coastal fishing communities across North America. Local fishermen would bring their seasonal catch to be preserved with salt, smoke, and time—much like a fine cut of cured meat, or the process of aging cheese. This was the inspiration that led Chef Charlotte Langley to create her own line of deliciously crafted tinned fish.


Starting with our Craft Can line in 2020, we’ve been expanding the audience for seafood by making it more delicious, more convenient, and more responsibly sourced. Scout continues to innovate by introducing fresh flavors and diverse seafood varieties.

Today, Scout makes deliciously crafted, responsibly sourced seafood from those same fishing communities, modernizing the craft of preserving and eating seafood.


Our oceans and waterways are the most regenerative ecosystems on earth, but unfortunately, there is no all-encompassing global regulation or enforcement of laws preventing illegal fishing and environmental degradation. By working with third-party auditors and committing to ongoing peer-reviewed, cooperative assessments, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest possible sourcing standards.

Seafood companies and consumers all have a role to play in protecting the most precious ecosystem and food source on earth by the decisions we make.

“Our oceans and waterways are our biggest defense system against climate change and our First Nations communities are on the front lines of activism in this fight. We work with IPNLF to support livelihoods in coastal communities throughout the world, providing jobs, nutrition, and a model to sustain tuna fisheries and the marine environment.”

Adam Bent, Co-Founder & CEO

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At Scout, we focus on promoting biodiversity by working with an ever-growing variety of species that have been deemed regenerative and abundant by third-party auditors. Our work with nature requires respect, mindfulness, transparency, and gratitude.

We believe that’s where impact begins. Seafood is the primary protein source for more than half the planet. Our oceans and waterways are the most regenerative ecosystems on earth. All of our sourcing decisions are mindfully made, with consideration for the future health of our planet.