Courtesy of Delia Online

Salade Niçoise

This dish originates from the French town of Nice, and has gained popularity in America and Britain too. Other translations include ‘salada nissarda’ in the Niçard dialect of the Occitan language, ‘insalata nizzarda’ in Italian. Salade niçoise has been described as "one of the best combinations of salad ingredients ever invented" by favourite home chef, Delia Smith. Her recipe takes the salad back to its traditional routes, using black olives and green beans. 

What you'll need

Ingredients Quantity
Flaked tuna, drained 2 cans
Black olives (pitted) 50g
French Beans, steamed and slived 100g
Anchovies, filleted 50g
Hard boiled eggs, peeled and quartered 2
New Potatoes, cooked and sliced 450g
Shallots, chopped 4
Plum tomatoes, chopped 350g
Rocket, stalks removed 100g
Small young cucumber, cut up 1/2
Garlic clove 1
Mustard powder 1 tsp
Balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp
Olive oil 6 tbsp
Fresh herbs of your choice, finely chopped 2 tbsp
Salt and pepper To taste



First, make the dressing. Take your herbs and add them to a pestle and mortar, mix in the salt and crush up. From there, add in the rest of the ingredients one-by-one, until you are left with a paste. The herbs will stick out but will soak up the rest of the dressing before being tossed onto the dish.


In a large bowl, arrange the rest of the salad ingredients, sprinkling the olives on top. It is traditional to serve with the anchovies in a cross shape to create patterns with the ingredients for an artistic dish. 


Before serving, toss your dressing on top.


Serve with warm bread and butter.…