Pole&Line Chunk Yellowfin Tuna

Last updated: 2023/08/02

Ocean's Seafood

Caught with one pole and one line, not only is it sustainable, it also provides livelihoods to developing communities in the South Pacific. 

Product Features 

  • 14g of protein per 55g serving 
  • Low in fat 
  • Low in saturated fat 
  • Free of trans fat 
  • Responsibly caught 
  • Dolphin friendly 
  • Kosher 
  • Certified B Corp 
  • Ocean Wise Recommended

Yellowfin Tuna
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At A Glance

Plastic Neutrality

Being plastic neutral means that for any amount of plastic we use in our operations, a measured equivalent of plastic waste is recovered and removed from the environment through recycling and/or waste management efforts. Ocean’s chose to work with Cleanhub, a company that collects and repurposes plastic before it enters the ocean. Through Cleanhub, Ocean’s partnered with Tridi Oasis in 2021 and 2022, and currently with ecoBali to help clean our oceans.

Tracking and Traceability

Find out where your fish comes from!

Codes are ink-jetted on the top of the can.

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Maldives pole-and-line yellowfin tuna

Indian Ocean
The Maldives pole-and-line fishery contributes significantly to the country's economy and also to the local, Maldivian people. Yellowfin and skipjack tuna are one of the only protein sources available to this community, so they rely heavily on the fishery.
Yellowfin Tuna
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Ocean's Seafood

Ocean’s promise is to bring you Feel Good Fuel. This means that we bring you seafood products that are not only delicious, high quality and healthy, but are also good for the planet and for people. Ocean’s purpose is to enable consumers to make sustainable choices that will protect and preserve our oceans.
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This fishing method provides the most selective targeting of tuna possible, with minimal bycatch of non-target fish and marine wildlife like dolphins, turtles and sharks. Pole-and-line fishing targets schools of tuna near the ocean surface, and therefore only needs to use short lengths of line on each pole, typically  5-10m.
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Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna are located around the world in warm tropical and subtropical waters, close to the surface of the ocean. The meat from the fish is pale pink in colour and mild tasting due to the lower fat stores in their body as a result of their location in warmer seas.
Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Thunnus albacares
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