Actemsa will build a plant in A Tomada to transform tuna

Actemsa will build a plant in A Tomada to transform tuna

The company Actemsa, from A Pobra (dedicated to the import and export of frozen fish and tuna processing and freezing services) is going to build a plant for the transformation of tuna loins in the A Tomada industrial estate. This was communicated by the executive director of the company, José Luis Escurís, and the CEO of the company, Juan Carlos Escurís, to the president of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Galicia, Juan Manuel Vieites.

The project aims to obtain European funds within the Next Generation Program. With a staff of 250 workers, Actemsa occupies an area of ​​12,000 square meters in said business area, with facilities whose storage volume is 25,000 cubic meters, also providing freezing services and technical assistance to various fishing and canning companies.

With the new project, another 50 workers will be added to the workforce. It will be a plant conceived within the current flows, which consists of more equipment and an innovative quality and analysis laboratory that guarantees the control of processes, raw materials and products to guarantee traceability and food safety in each of its phases. .

The future tuna loin transformer plant will incorporate artificial intelligence technology and the digitization of products throughout the entire value chain and will stand out for its environmental sustainability, with the incorporation of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

As José Luis Escurís points out, “it is necessary to achieve the maximum IFS (International Featured Standards) certification, essential in our sector in light of the new trade standards, as well as the international Foods Defense”.


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