Talaud Regency Government Starts Exporting Fishery Commodities to Australia

The atmosphere of the release of the first export of fishery commodities by Wabup Talaud

TALAUD- Worth appreciating! For the first time, the Talaud Islands Regency Government has released the initial export of fishery commodities to Australia.

It is a historical record and a big dream come true. Where the Talaud Regency Government succeeded in exporting Tuna species to Australia. Deputy Regent of Talaud Moktar Arunde Parapaga said, thanks to the ideas and ideas of both the Regent of Talaud, Elly Engelbert Lasut, that the Talaud Islands Regency would be made into a border Special Economic Zone (SEZ). One of them is the implementation of Fish Exports from Talaud – Australia.

"The local government is very grateful and happy for the implementation of the first tuna export in Australia, which is one of the countries that has collaborated with the local government," said Parapaga to the media crew at the Talaud Regent's office page, Tuesday (14/4/21). He continued, because of the cooperation between the Talaud Islands Regency Government and Australian businessmen.

So now, fishing communities are able to export their own fish, and that is a sign that the economic welfare of the community will increase. "Hopefully the revival of fishery products in Talaud will be a blessing to the fishermen and entrepreneurs in this area," he said.

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