Life in Talaud island

The regent of Talaud is one with extraordinary beauty like no other. With its pristine turquoise waters and a sky that turns from azure to a cotton candy-like color with mauve gradation a while after sunset. It is hard not to fall in love with the island. The vast expanse of fine white sand and the striking waves that add to the pleasure of spending dusk on this virgin beach should be an experience everyone gets to encounter at least once in their lives.

The people and communities on this island all rejoice in harmony — with each other and with nature. They live a very peaceful life built upon the philosophy of tolerance. They respect and understand each other’s differences, but know these should not divide them. In turn, they became stronger— one large community of Talaud that embraces the notion of balance, protection, bonding, and sharing.

The next allure of Talaud Regency is indeed its traditions and arts of Indonesia that they still preserve, one being what is called the Mabaris. Dancing to the accompaniment of music around the village is one of the traditions of the people of the Talaud Islands Regency, usually practiced during Christmas or New Year’s Day as part of a big celebration for the whole island. This tradition perfectly depicts a portrayal of harmony - in this procession, people fill the streets and form two long lines, dancing to the rhythm simultaneously based on the cues given by the leader of the line. Children and parents all blend into the existing lines, blurring any distinctions among them.

This is the life in Talaud island, filled with an abundance of natural beauty & resources, flora and fauna. It’s a paradise to live in. Time moves by slower, and people seem to just get on with work — like how our fishermen completely devote their fishing daily activities to ensure you only receive the highest quality catch, from an island that still preserves what has been blessed upon them.